We don’t syndicate research, we like to do it ourselves, and not only locally, but regionally and globally, because we speak many languages and are experts in translating cultural nuances for our clients from around the globe. As Robert Fripp would put it, we see ourselves as a "small mobile intelligent unit". We add: organic, human, infallible. Working with us, clients who have the pre-conception that you have to be, let’s say a native Spanish to moderate in Madrid, soon come to the conclusion that there are great advantages to our baby-eyes combined with our global outlook. And if we don’t speak Mandarin or write in Cyrillic, we will work with our life-long partners, who share our values and will take care of our clients as if they were their own.

We do Projective Focus groups with top-of-the-notch recruitment, one-way-mirror facilities, first class client service, digital recording, the best simultaneous translators, multi-lingual hostesses and senior moderators that love travelling where the action takes place!

We do Mini-flash groups (not only meaning a smaller number of respondents but also delivering results same day field ends!), Individual/paired depth/triad interviews, Peer groups, Family groups, Bulletin boards, Blogs, online groups, Brainstorming, Creative workshops, Deprivation sessions.

Areas of Specialization

  • General consumer research.
  • Kids (including mini-groups, integrated groups with moms, customized product taste-testing in facilities using innovative techniques like “Mini-Chefs” incorporating toys, musicians, clowns, along with experienced kids’ moderators).
  • Branding.
  • Media Research.
  • Hispanic Research.
  • Social Research (Public Affairs).


We use traditional techniques such as Obituaries, Indian Poker/ Brand Taboo, Mad Libs, Mock Trial, Collages, Diaries, Photo Diaries (as a pre-group task), portraits chinois, storytelling, cartoon completion, concassage. We also create our own proprietary and groovy techniques.