..."The lost leaves will be unearthed"

Ezra Pound in preface of the annotations of T.S.Eliot´s The Waste Land

Our name is born from a passion, the spirit to be ground-breaking and at the same time classic, inspired, foreseeing, colorful and diverse. It is not pure affinity, it is our essence.

First came the association with Abbey Road and the idea of The Crossing, the notion of being on the move, and afterwards came the abbeys in their dimensions of serene reflection, transparency and elevation. When we wandered in the search of a visual representation of all the above, we found in the Rosetta the qualities of diversity, multiple colors and shapes.

It is always above, illuminating, enlightening, revealing a new color, a ray through diffused light. From that ray, emerges a new idea.

This is how we became Abbey.


We bring the Melnik solid and renowned background in research and advertisement. We want our name to signal something the industry needs: energy, movement and a new perspective. We have the experience of large International research companies; but we choose to be a boutique company, one that belongs to a dynamic community, a global network. We work with our friends who have been colleagues for years, with whom we share values, a work ethic, and the joy of action and thinking. Our philosophy is to be ahead and beyond what consumers even know will desire. Perceive it, listen to it, and give voice to it. Transform that discovery into a set of operational ideas. And through these ideas, improve the world. Academics helped educate us and life and experience continues to shape us.

Our joy is to be free spirits and thinkers, driven by passion, talent and humanity.

our team

We all come from large International research companies. We have all been nurtured, inspired and enriched by the experience of living abroad, the exchange of ideas and the working with colleagues, partners and clients from all corners of the world. This openness and global awareness permeates our vision and methodological frameworks. It also guides our quest for research solutions tailored to the diversity of needs and challenges our clients share with us. Our strengths are creative and plural thinking, the use of technology, sensitivity to world cultures and to the diversity of our clients and the populations we seek to understand.

We are curious by nature; avid learners and we love connecting with people.